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Here are few ways baby massage can benefit not just your baby, but you and your partner as well:

» Promote better sleep, improves relaxation
» Reduces discomfort from colic, teething, wind, constipation and other ailments.
» Aid digestion and elimination
» Strengthen the circulatory system to promote appropriate weight gain
» Improves body awareness & muscle tone
» Stimulate and support baby's physical, emotional and social development.
» Stimulate nervous system to help brain development
» Stimulate the immune system

Massage Benefits for Parents & Caregivers:

» Fantastic way for new mothers to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually with their babies
» Create a lasting bond between you and your baby
» Helps mums with minor postnatal depression
» Increases confidence in parenting
» Improves ability to read infant cues
» Reduces stress & blood pressure
» Improves overall health and wellbeing